Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where Oh Where Have We Been

Ah, our poor blog has been so neglected. Our lives have been such a race lately. I know this is just a season and the Lord will bring us rest soon, but for now....

We have welcomed our newest family member:

Aiden Carl Stanley was born on 4/6. Isn't he just adorable!!!

My sweet prince is plugging away in his new career. He's found a work home for now. God led us down a path we would never have imagined, but we know our God is faithful. We can't fathom what he has in store for Chris here, but we're excited to see. He's already had a few occasions to share his faith and even pray for one of his customers specifically. I find that quite an honor that the Lord would use him so.

Our Princess has gone through the longest spout of illness ever. For our family a month of illness is unheard of. We did find out that she has an allergy to certain medications. Praise the Lord!!! Her reaction could have been very severe, but the Lord knew our needs long before we could have imagined. He provided wisdom and guidance and peace during a pretty scary time.

Our Prince left today for the 5th grade annual Sky Ranch Expedition. We can't wait for his return to tell us all about it.

And last but not least: we have 6 weeks until DISNEY!!! (okay, so I'm just a big kid too)

That's the high points in a nutshell.
Blessings all,

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